Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seacor Marine Family Picnic

My family traveled to Houma, LA for the annual family day celebration. I am glad the weather held up. We were inside, but there were events held outside as well. Here are a few pictures, hope you enjoy. The wind tore a sistas hair out during the outside events. I just brushed it back and said forget it.

My Parents!

Daddy and His Girl!

The Boys!

Me and Honey with our face painting!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Official, I'm A Warhawk Mom!

My youngest son will leave home in August to begin his journey into adulthood. We toured the University of Louisiana at Monroe today for freshman, "Browse on the Bayou". This was his school of choice, but financially, it would have been more feasible for him to attend the same university as my DD and I had been trying to persuade him. With much thought and prayer, I know we will be ok financially and as I told him, it is not fair for you to give up your dream to follow hers. He had such a shine on his face today as we made our way through all of the activites. Here is a photo of him and hubby.