Monday, February 7, 2011

Place Card and Plate

Wow, can you believe it.  Platinum Scraps has been in designing for an entire year.  Last year, we started off with ten designers committing to two projects per month.  We lost two along the way but the ride has been great. 

To celebrate our year as a design team, we decided to allow the designers to create party items to invite our followers to the big party so to speak.  I just realized that many of us will actually celebrate with parties this weekend for the Superbowl.  I am going for Pittsburgh since my Darlin Saints are out.  I just think the coach for the Steelers is so so sexy.  Hmm Hmm Good.  Shh don't tell hubby.

Anyway, I decided to create a place card holder and a Platinum decorated plate.  Thanks to each of you who follow our design team and I pray that you would join us this year as we grow more.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Trindan

This was my final project for the Bo Bunny challenge over at Platinum Scraps.  I was trying out a layout from Ms. Paula down in Lafayette, LA.  She is the bestest.  She had a layout where she cut the photo into half inch squares and recreated the image.  I did not get instructions from her, I just kinda winged it.  I didn't add many embellishments because the photo is the focal point in this layout.

This is my precious Lil Man on his actual birthday. 

Since I created the layout, I have spoken with Ms. Paula and she actually measured each line and drew marks.  I am going to do this again with my son's MJ's photo, but I will use dark paper to measure the lines.  I had thought of that but was afraid on my light background, the marks would show.  Due to photograper error, it looks as if the left side is a little off but in the book, it acutally lines up.


My Little Munchkin

 Symone and I are both going a little stir crazy.  We have been in the house since Thursday around 4:30 p.m.  due to weather.  This morning, we finished breakfast and I could tell she was getting sleepy.  I was in the scrap room working on a project and she dozes off.  She had her mouth open and I was gearing up to snap away.  Then she hid under the covers as if to say, "No pictures Nana or as she likes to laugh and call me Nanny".  This little girl is a mess.  You gotta love her.