Monday, August 23, 2010

William McDowell

I have shared my faith with many of you in the past.  I want to share another jewel that I have found.  Recently my girlfriend asked me did I have a cd by William McDowell.  I did not and wasn't sure what he had released either.  You see I love music but dont' keep up with names and artist.  LOL.  I am usually like girl did you hear this song.  She will say yes, you have that cd. 

Anyway, I would encourage each of you to google this young man and listen to his cd.  "I Give Myself Away" has me in tears each time I listen to the song.  He speaks about how each of us have gifts but if we don't use them, we just take them to Heaven and they are worthless. 

I encourage each of us, to dig deep and use what God has given us.  There are lives hanging in the balance.  Click on the link below to hear the song. 

My desire this year for myself and my family is that we would stand up boldly and express our love for Christ. 


  1. Tonya, I love this song... Yolanda Adams usually plays it during my ride into work... Powerful!!!!

  2. Great song - it is now one of my favorites like Nubian Crafter said Powerful. TFS.

  3. I love this song & "Draw Me Close" (I think that's what it's called)! I agree with Nubian - very powerful!

  4. love this...uplifted me today. :) will have to google that song as well.