Monday, January 25, 2010

A Who Dat Nation is Overjoyed!

I can't believe even now, can someone pinch me.  My darling New Orleans Saints are superbowl bound.  We did it  and I am overjoyed.  My daddy purchased  a  "Who Dat" Root Beer pop many years ago and pledged he would't drink it until the team went to the Superbowl.  Well daddy, we can pop that top because we are headed that way.  I told him with eleven kids but only 9 of us are Saints fans, he had better purchase some communion cups so we all could have a taste and I do mean taste lol. 

It was one of the defining moments in life.  I had one lone tear rolling down.  Happy has taken on a whole new meaning to every Saints fan in the nation.  Our state has been through so many changes in the last few years after the aftermath of Katrina and New Orleans is still not the same, but you gotta have FAITH!  My only desire is to see Deuce McCallister suit up and play in the ultimate game of any players career.  Now getting there was half the battle, the other half will be winning so that all can know that heart and courage wins games.



  1. Who dat?!!! Saints go all the way!!

  2. Hey are you!! Since my team didn't make it, the Saints are the next best. They do deserve a GREAT year!

    Fantastic work on your love love your creations!! I have a new one a few of us play on, come join us for a challenge or two!!'d love to see you!!


  3. Tsrel.....I, too, was hoping to see Deuce play in the Superbowl. He deserves to be one of the receivers of the "Big Ring" because he has been such a great player for the team. I was sad to hear that he permanently retired.

    P.S. Love all of your scrapbooking.