Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Club 2010!

Last year the "Sistas" Group went thru a major overhaul and that included our birthday club.  Now, I am going to be truly blessed because my birthday is the day before Valentine's day.  I am the second to receive my gift from my 2010 birthday Sista and I am the very last one in the 2009 club.  So guess what that means, ok, I will tell, I should be receiving lot's of goodies. 

Nubian, my 2010 birthday sista has set the bar for all of us in the 2010 club.  She rocked my box and did it well.  I have paper packs, stamps, flock, ribbon, altered items, but the one thing that touched me the most was the doggie biscuits.  I am raising my "granddog" Deuce because DD is away at college and can't take him.  When my son brought the box in, Deuce was all over it.  I said you better move, nothing in here is for you, but I had no idea, he did though, lol. 

Now I love to give personal things with my gifts and Nubian has just challenged me to raise the bar for my birthday sista.  I am loving my stash.  Thanks again.  Oh yes, while I was screaming in her ear telling her I will call her back after I finish looking thru my box, she had the nerve to call back talking bout stop, tommorrow is your birthday.  Well, I have a saying that my kids say I am famous for "The Devil Is  A Lie".  I ain't waiting till no tommorrow.  I have already opened it and will create tommorrow.

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