Friday, February 26, 2010

Super Excited Sunshine Award

Once before, I was nominated by a dear friend when I first began to blog.  I didn't respond because I was new to blogging and didn't know enough people.  I will not pass up this opportunity to say thanks and how much other fellow scrapbookers mean to me.  In the world of blogging, we all share and pass on our love for this wonderful craft and I would like to say thanks to Craftin Curt for nominating me.  It is indeed an honor.

As the rules state, you must accept this award then pass it on to six other worthy crafters.  I will add a twist of my own.  Pass it on to people that have not been nominated.  That way the sunshine can truly be passed around.

With that said, I nominate the following six bloggers:

Stuck On Sketches


  1. Tonya, what a sweet surprise! Thank you and thank YOU for being such a sharing and inspiring crafter! :-)

  2. Well, Tonya, aren't you a sweetie! We'll have to get this posted later this week. You and all of our followers are certainly the sunshine in our day!

  3. Tonya, thank you so much for sharing this award... I truely appreciate how you keep me motivated and inspired!

  4. O ma'dear.. thanks so much! You are the sweetest! - kiss kiss