Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebration Saints Style!

Well Guess What!  Yall already know, The Who Dat's Did Dat!.  And did we party in the "Big Easy", yes siree.  We had a ball.  I was only supposed to stay until Monday, but after all the excitement, I stayed until the parade and all I can say is there was nothing that could, would, or ever should compare to all that fun.


The Victory Chant

The Koolest Ride in Town

Hell Froze Over! Then, Pigs Flew!


  1. You know I'm an Indy girl so I'm a big Colts fan but on the other hand I am proud that the Saints won a superbowl and earned a place in history.

  2. Great Pics!!! It looks like you all had a ball, tfs...